Post-Contract Quantity Surveying Services

Post-Contract Quantity Surveying Services

The cost, time and quality management of any project is essential to its success. As quantity surveyors we assist our clients to manage their budget and schedule through robust contractor engagement, cost management and time/schedule management. 

We manage construction contracts and provide contracts administration and commercial management support for projects and programs of work. 

We are experienced in cost control and change management. Our services include analsysing, assessing, verifying and certifying potential variations to building and construction contracts.

During the construction delivery phase we help to manage any potential contractual disputes or disagreements through robust administration of the contract. Our focus is always to resolve disputes as typically no party to contracts benefits from legal disputes or the litigation process.

At the very early stages and throughout construction there are likely to be changes. These changes often expose the client to additional cost. At CEG our focus is to provide cost engineering and value for money assessments to mitigate or reduce the cost of these changes, without impacting on the quality or time for delivery. This often involves a collaborative approach with the relevant parties including consultants, clients and contractors. We are experienced at co-ordinating this process.

It is extremely important for clients to understand their cost position and to understand the actual progress of construction on site at regular intervals. We provide a range of account management services including budget vs cost tracking and reporting, cost forecasting, construction schedule tracking and monitoring. We use the earned value analysis to understand a more accurate representation of actual progress on site at typically monthly intervals for larger projects. We can help clients from large public or private organisations, contractors and builders and smaller subcontractors and suppliers to understand their position and tailor our services and fees accordingly.

We help our clients with the claims and progress claims process. These services can range from helping a client to value and certify a main contractor complex claim, to helping a contractor to create and administer the claim process under a complex contract, to helping a subcontractor or supplier to prepare and submit a claim. Our support can provide value to every level and aspect of the claims process, which can often be time consuming and complicated to administer. Cashflow management is essential to the success of business at every level of the supply chain and we strongly support our varied clients at every level.

Our services include contractor management, subcontractor management and supplier management. This process starts with the letting of packages of work against budgets which are typically prepared pre-contract. As part of the cost management and financial success of the project it is important to control the procurement process. Comprehensive project procurement with detailed scopes of work and thorough, robust contract negotiations will achieve better quality contractors on site, better control of project budgets and a better quality outcome as there are less gaps and misunderstandings that can often lead to disputes and delays. This is a fundamental risk management process across all construction delivery.

Often on large private or public works there will be a significant component of 'self performed' or direct labour and plant hire. We are experienced in resource analysis, productivity and utilisation of plant, labour and material supply on major projects. This is extremely important for managing construction budgets to avoid cost blow outs as when plant and labour is not productive on a site the client ultimately pays for the unproductive time.

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