Project Management Services

Project Management Services

We help our clients through the construction lifecycle from feasibility through design and construction to completion. CEG is licenced by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) to provide the full range of project management services to consumers and principals for all classes of building work:

As licenced contractors we offer management services including acting as client's agent or superintendent. This involves managing aspects of a construction contract on behalf of our client. Typical services include certification of time, cost and quality matters under a contract for all classes of building works. Commercial, contracts management and administration of contracts on behalf of consumers and principals

As part of the construction process it is important to understand and manage risk and as project managers we are experienced in risk and opportunity assessment, valuation and management for our clients. This helps to manage the potential for occurences that may have a negative impact on the delivery of a project. 

Other project management services includes input into project controls such as workplace health and safety, quality control, environmental control and cost control.

As project managers we provide our clients with a range of project management reports to provide a clear understanding of the project at regular intervals in terms of progress on site, costs to date, forecast costs to complete, potential risks and opportunities and other issues our clients identify as being of importance.

Understanding the duration of construction projects is fundamental to understanding the potential costs and outcomes. We help our clients to develop a schedule of work to best understand expected duration and we then monitor progress throughout the delivery process. This process also involves reporting on project performance assessment and providing financial health checks.

We help our clients to establish project teams and offer leadership, mentoring and support to our clients and their staff members. We strongly believe in encouraging and upskilling professionals within the construction industry to help lift the standard of construction at project but also at industry level.

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